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5-Star Dog Services in San Diego

Where your dog can be a dog.
Discover one of San Diego’s most sought-after dog businesses for fun, relaxation and learning.

$60 Per Day
$82 Per Night
Holiday/Peak Rate $90 a night

Our Paw-Approved Services

Top-rated retreat for San Diego dogs.

At Down to Earth Dogs, we do things differently. With a small-group format, we ensure your dog gets the individual fun, attention and care they deserve.

Dog Enrichment & Socialization

Welcome to your dog’s personal retreat, where they get to:

●  Spend quality time in the sunshine at one of our 5 yards.
●  Be matched with a small group of San Diego dogs for optimal safety, health and fun.
●  Learn how to interact with dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperaments (great for puppy socialization!)
●  Care from fellow furry friends and loving hum
ans, trained in dog care and training.
●  Come home tired and relaxed after a fun-filled day with friends.

Portrait with Dog

" We love bringing our dog to Down to Earth dogs!  He is well cared for, gets lots of play time, and we get pictures daily :)"

-Nicole B.

Say goodbye to overcrowded, overstimulating environments.

Your dog deserves better!

Whether traveling or working, you need a trusty partner to care for your fur baby while you're away. But you want to make sure:

● Your puppy doesn't learn unwanted behavior and get set back in their socialization goals.
● They don't feel overwhelmed and overlooked.
● You don't have to worry about their safety, happiness and health while you're away.

Say hello to your dog’s happy place.

Think of Down to Earth Dogs as your dog’s vacation home. To large, overcrowded businesses, it’s about volume. With strict requirements for behavior, we ensure it’s about your individual dog’s experience.

For over 13 years, we’ve taken our background and training in behavior to create a new, innovative solution for dogs in our care. Here, it’s about your dog’s individual needs, supporting positive behavior, and giving them a fur-ever place where they can be a dog.

Portrait with Dog

The only place I trust with my pup! We are so lucky to have found DTE dogs. They take such good care of my dog and show attention to detail by being observant care takers while we are away. It really gives me peace of mind to know she is happy and safe. They have multiple play areas outside and the dogs also have designated rest time, which sets them apart from other dog care centers. They also send photos nearly every day which makes my heart melt when I am away from my girl.

Rachel J. 

Your pup is in good hands.

Down to Earth Dogs is more than just a place for dogs to stay while their owners are away. It's a place where dogs receive hands-on care and attention, learn appropriate social skills, keep up their training, grow and build relationships with other dogs and humans alike.


Emily's compassion and care for animals have transformed Down to Earth Dogs into a unique and special place for dogs to call their home away from home.

Combine the benefits of enrichment, exercise and training in one, and find the personalized care you and your best pal deserve.

Portrait with Dog

"My journey to find someone I could trust my two pups with was a long and painful one, and I am so glad I took the chance on contacting Emily after reading a few Yelp reviews.  Now I've been a loyal and happy client for years!"

-Jasssi K.

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