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 Run by Dog Lovers For Dog Lovers

Down to Earth Dogs:

We treat your pet like they’re our own.

Welcome to Down to Earth Dogs: A safe space and fun-filled retreat for puppy socialization, boundary skills, and endless play.


Like you and your pup, we’re a family. To protect this bond, our goal is to provide a loving and safe learning environment for your fur family members without the stress and anxiety that comes with overcrowded facilities.


We believe that dogs deserve a vacation too, and we take pride in being able to give them that personalized, pup-worthy experience.


Hours of Operation

7:30am - 6pm
7:30am - 6pm
7:30am - 6pm
7:30am - 6pm
8:00am - 5:30pm
9:00am - 4pm

Founder & Owner of Down to Earth Dogs for 14+ years.


● Dog trainer specializing in body language, healthy social interactions, and puppy socialization.

● 3+ years of dog training apprenticeship under local experts.

● Voted Top 5 Dog Boarding Business by the San Diego City Voter A-List.

● Featured female entrepreneur in San Diego Voyager Magazine.

● Dog lover & adopter of over 30 animals of varying species.


Our lives change the moment we add a fur baby to our families.

For Emily, it all began with a special boy named Rodney. He was in a shelter for over nine months and was scheduled for euthanasia until Emily found him in 2010. From the moment they met, Emily recognized in him special qualities that made him a lifelong companion.  Despite his separation anxiety and fear-based behavioral challenges, he was a natural "teacher" and "protector" of all his canine pals. He had a special talent for teaching social skills and boundaries to other dogs. Working together with love and training, he became the model mascot of her business.

Rodney passed in 2022, yet his presence is felt.

We continue to carry his pawsitive energy and endless love in everything we do.


Emily has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of animals and has worked with multiple animal shelters and programs in the San Diego and Boston areas.


As a result of Emily's dedication and commitment, Down to Earth Dogs has become one of the most sought-after

dog businesses in San Diego.


The floppy-eared customers who stay at the facility can't wait to see Emily again ––

their joyful wagging and wiggles are evidence of their enthusiasm.


Emily Keaney

Green Field


Dog Lover, Dog Socialization Expert, & Canine Caregiver

● Experience caring for personal pets for 15+ years.

● Trained in providing individualized animal care.

● Involved in dog daycare and dog boarding for 12 years.

● San Diego small business owner.

Like her mom, Bella is a lifelong dog lover, animal advocate, and canine caregiver. From birds and rabbits to cats and rats, her love for animals knows no end.


She learned about dog training from the best: Our Down to Earth mascot, Rodney. Growing alongside him, she learned the adaptations necessary for individualized care. She’s been involved at Down to Earth Dog for 12 years and has become a fully capable team member.

Dog Lover, Dog Socialization Expert, & Canine Caregiver

● 6+ years of professional dog care experience.

● Lifelong dog owner and dog lover.

● Point Loma Nazarene University graduate.


Drew is a true-blue dog enthusiast who’s spent her entire life as a proud owner of these cuddly creatures.


With over six years of professional expertise in dog care, Drew is one of the most experienced, passionate individuals who truly understands the importance of providing loving support to her canine students. 

Green Field


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